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first hours. now more on the man himself. more on jorge mario bergoglio in the vatican. bergoglio's path to the papacy has taken more than 50 years. born in 1936 in buenos aires, he originally wanted to be a chemist, but in 1958, decided to join the priesthood. although francis, as the first pope from latin america, he has strong ties to europe. his father was an italian immigrant, and bergoglio completed his doctoral dissertation in germany. seen as an intellectual, he speaks four languages, spent much of his early career teaching literature, psychology and philosophy. and has published at least ten books, including one with pope john paul ii, who made him a cardinal in 2001. as archbishop of buenos aires, bergoglio opted to live a humble life, taking residence in an apartment, instead of the archbishop's palace afforded to him. and he commuted with the people. >> he renounced his chauffeur-driven limousine, and actually took the bus to work every day so the people of buenos aires knew that if they wanted a few minutes with their archbishop, they could simply hop on the bus with him and
. steering the catholic church. it won't be easy. what challenges await? >>> from vatican city. the new pope francis. >> good evening from vatican city. thanks for joining us. a night of excitement and a night of firsts. 1.2 catholics rejoice as the 266th pope is chosen. what a surprising choice it really was. jorge marie over bergoglio is his name. the first pontiff from the americas, first jesuit pope, first noneuropean in almost 1,300 years. he is also the first francis. tonight we go inside this historic development for the faith. 7:06 p.m. rome time. white smoke. as that smoke rose and billowed into the night air, st. peter's square erupted. it was a moment of pure joy for them. a profound prayer of the chance to witness history. soon the square was packed with more than 100,000 rain-soaked people. their eyes turned upward in anticipation to the red draped windows of st. peter's. everyone waiting to see the new pope. the vatican band marched into cheers, followed by the swiss guard, the pope's personal troop. and then -- the french cardinal came to pronounce the famous words. habemus pa
is the choice of cardinals said to be divided into two factions -- reformers who want a clean up the vatican's dysfunctional bureaucracy and focus on bringing new energy to this global institution, and the old guard who want to maintain the status quo. >> i think he does belong in the reformer category. i think he picks up the mantle of john paul ii. i think he is someone of the new evangelization. >> reporter: a new leader charged with steering the church through a crucial moment in history. now we understand from new york's cardinal, timothy dolan that tomorrow pope francis will go visit benedict, pope emeritus. and then next tuesday pope francis will celebrate his first mass here at st. peter's. tuesday is the feast of st. joseph, the patron saint of the universal church. brian? >> you said two striking things during our live coverage earlier today. that was how silent it got when he asked for silence, and what it was like as he read the prayer, as he led the group in prayer and everyone in the square followed along. >> reporter: it was. the prayers he said, and he said them in italian, w
tonight. >> reporter: the winds of change are speeding up over the vatican. the conclave vote will determine which way they blow. electing a pope is a political as well as religious event. there are serious fault lines in the college of cardinals. some are traditionalists, many of them in the entrenched vatican establishment. and some are reformers, mostly non-italians who think the church's creaking bureaucracy and secretive ways are at the root of its problems. but as marco tossatti, who's been covering the vatican for 40 years says, the cardinals also split into sometimes surprising camps. the reformist standard bearer is italian cardinal anglo scola but -- >> scola is italian but certainly the italians will not vote for him. (laughs). >> reporter: scola's support actually comes from outside italy. but it doesn't come from the u.s. cardinals who are thought to support new york candidate timothy dolan-- at least to start. then they may switch to o'malley of boston. the traditionalist candidate is supported by the so-called diplomatic cardinals-- the italians based at the vat
he will be a stranger. if he has worked in the vatican. he still serves on various commissions. he knows both the problems they face but also the structure, how it works and how it does not work, and that will give them ideas on how he is going to approach this. >> he was the man whom nearly became pope eight years ago. >> i think there is an element of that. timing is very important. what kind of a papacy this would have been. that is not a point. to have the second half coming through is stunning. >> yes, and in terms of those challenges, people say it is a positive strength he is not a vatican insiders. i wonder how easy it is to make changes if you are an outsider. >> he is not an outsider in that he has worked in the vatican and has served on various commissions. he knows a lot of the personnel involved, but you are right. he has been out of the vatican for a long time. i think that will give him strength. it gives him a vision. it gives him a particular scope of what has to be done. there is so much wait and see about all this, isn't there? >> we will leave it there. thank yo
a day during the conclave the vatican aiming to avoid confusion, now using chemistry and technology in the cast iron stove that sends this emergency to the world. >> there is a cartridge put inside of it that contains the necessary schedule products. there is an electronic device that releases the cartridge. >> modern update to a century's old process. >> it was this time during the last conclave there was white smoke and we learned pope benedict xvi was elected. in the crowd, now, the anticipation is building. >> marci, thank you. the smoke signals are about technology and also about chemistry. katie marzullo has that part of the story including lighter moments during the wait. >> the news conference lasted two hours this morning with three priests, the vatican spokesman answering questions in multiple languages. when the topic towns to the chemical makeup of the smoke it got hazy hazy. >> we will take a huge risk in describing the chemicals because i only received the names in italian six minutes ago. i studied the bible not chemistry. >> he did the best he could. >> the black smo
both. >> and a prayer in vatican city. the pope hits the streets. he is already being called a man of the people. >> and a reminder to watch cnn's new show, the lead, with jake tapper. tomorrow afternoon, 4:00 eastern time. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. >>> in vatican city, pope francis delivered his first angelus message from his papal apartment. more than 200,000 people filled st. peter's square for the historic acaution. in a rare moment, the pope walked outside the gates of the santa ana parish to greet the crowd of well wishers. ben wedeman is in vatican city. he shows us why people are calling this pope a man of the people. >> fred, benedict was the intellectual pope. francis is quickly shaping up to be the people's pope. it could be any pope, greeting wishpers one by one after sunday's mass, but it wasn't any church and it wasn't any priest. it was pope francis at the santa anna parish church in the vatican.
chap chapel, where they took an oath. then, uttering extra ominous outside all, the vatican officials closed the doors and the cardinals got to work. all day, people waited in the rain for a mass for the chance to see, perhaps, a new pope. >> i think it's wonderful. i think benedict was a great pope and i think everyone is very excited to see who the next pope will be. so it's great anticipation wondering how it's going to be different and how much the same he will be. >> as the evening deepened, the crowds grew. all eyes on the stove where the papal ballots are burned that would signal white for a pope and black for not yet. >> if we got black smoke tonight, i would be stunned. on the heels of what we've already witnessed in the last month, there would be a certain poetic art to it. >> poetic, but perhaps not to be. even against a dim night sky, the answer, this time, was plain as day. >> joining me now is vatican spokesperson and our vatican analyst. it's good to have you with us. you were in the sistine chapel today. that must have been extraordinary. >> it was an incredible experi
. these are the scenes at the vatican right now where thousands of the faithful have gathered in a rain soaked and chilly st. peter's square, waiting for that puff of white smoke that will signal a new pontiff has been chosen. that smoke will come from the tiny chimney of the sistene chapel that you see on the right side of your screen. earlier today, black smoke rose from the building triggering sighs of disappointment from the crowd. the black smoke of course is a sign that the 115 cardinals who are voting have yet to reach a two-thirds majority, they need 77 to degree, to elect a new leader. but as the world waits and watches, we also caught a glimpse of a touching scene in the drenched square, a barefoot man in tattered clothing, look at this, kneeling, praying, and ignoring the raindrops falling around him. father jonathan morris is a roman catholic priest and fox news contributor. he joins us live from rome. father jon, that's what it's about, it's not about a name on a piece of paper or gets to wear the fancy dress and a lot of power. it's about someone who can literally bring someone to their kne
in the making. not only in vatican city but on wall street. >> that's exactly right. the day began with lots of suspension in both places and it ended in both places with definitive outcomes. on wall street, that outcome was another record high close for the dow, and we begin there tonight. now, the dow's win streak continues. nine in a row. the blue chip index hasn't done that in 16 years. in fact it hasn't had a down day this month. today the dow added 5 points, ending at 14,455, it's seventh straight record closing high. the nasdaq was up nearly 3 points and the s&p 500 inched 2 points higher. that leaves it less than 11 points from its all-time closing high. now, the markets got an early boost from strong retail sales last month, which rose 1.1%, nearly double what economists had expected. that's the biggest spending gain in five months. but as courtney reagan tells us, those top line numbers can be deceiving. >> the government's headline retail sales number came in nearly double what economists expected for february. the details reveal a less than rosy picture when it comes to discretio
they took an oath. then, uttering extra on this outside all the vatican official closed the doors and the cardinals got to work. all day, people waited in the rain for the mass for the cardinals for a chance to see, perhaps, a new pope. >> i think it's wonderful. i think benedict was a great pope. everyone is excited to see who the next pope will be with great anticipati anticipation. how different and how much the same he will be. >> as the evening deepened, all eyes on the stove that would signal white smoke for a pope and black for not. >> if we got white smoke, i would be stunned. >> poetic perhaps. not to be. against a dim, night sky, the answer this time, was plain as day. joining me is vatican spokesperson, father tom, our vatican analyst, john allen. good to have you with us. you were in the sistine chapel today. >> it was an incredible experience. i went in and was allowed to be there for the beginning of the concave ritual. there were ten of us. it was a remarkable experience to be there, the sight, the people coming in, the cardinals, the music, watching the swearing of
team-building skills. anyone will tell you if they spent time at the vatican, it's not the friendliest place. there are a lot of people that are very ambitious, they have their own agenda, one they sometimes put ahead of the holy see. so he needs to build a team and say we're here to do this for the people, for the vatican, put aside your individual ambitions and let's go ahead. thirdly, he needs strong financial skills. it's odd, would you need a pope with an mba? maybe not an mba but certainly interest and acumen about financial matters. and lastly, the professor said he needs charismatic empathy. he has to tell his followers why they should follow him. why he has a path to a better life. >> harvard business school has a new ceo training program with michael porter, he might want to check that out. but in terms of looking at the vatican and what he's overseeing, we know it's a huge empire but what are the business units so to speak? >> from a financial stand point he does handle the day-to-day financial operations of the vatican and most importantly the vatican bank which has had its
not conduct the duties of the office anymore. a big moment. tracy: the vatican saying right now he probably will not attend the inaugural services. with that, we're going to send this to liz claman taking you through the last hour of tradi trading. stay with us. thank you very much. we may get the honor in this hour to announce just to has been named pope and what we will do throughout this hour, keep up this shot to route on our screen, what we call the big little. the big screen might have guessed that we are speaking with. a whole bunch of red business guests. we will keep this shot up. tracy and ashley. over 1 billion catholics. many others in the world might not be catholic just dying to hear who this brand new pope will be. riright now he is being fitted y the people taylor and his new papal garments. the issues, of course, doesn't product issues? prod amex issues. and that is a publicly traded company on the italian exchange. as we look at all of this, the big question will be that the cardinal will be asked, do you accept the election as supreme pontiff. once again says consented th
the vatican administration itself needed reform. we had the leak scandal, all of that. here's a cardinal who's coming from -- now pope coming from outside the vatican, of course, pope benedict came from many years as the ultimate vatican insider. do you think that's the hopeful or troubling buildup to a job that is going to be in large measure about wrestling control of what we've learned is a sprawling and dysfunctional bureaucracy? >> well, as obviously not having any firsthand knowledge of it, my sense of -- to go to everything we've been saying is -- and given his life experience in buenos aires where he did not avail himself of the perks of office suggest to me that this is a potentially quite revolutionary reformer. at least the clinical signs. the clinical clues would suggest that entrenchment privilege inertia, sclerosis would all be thingss that would be anathema to him given the way he lives and the way he's appeared in this very brief moment. so if i were a corrupt vatican bureaucrat i wouldn't be sleeping particularly easily tonight. just because -- i think being an outsider here
of the dignitaries that will be attending today. we heard a spokesman from the vatican say that they don't issue invitations, that folks actually reach out to the vatican to say i want to be present. can we talk about some of the dignitaries that have chosen to be there today? >> sure. well, the holy sea, which is a diplomatic name for the people, it has bilateral relations with more than 170 countries. they don't issue formal invitations, simply through diplomatic channels they make people aware and whoever wants to come can come. there is something on the order of 131, 132 countries. the united nations only recognizes 193. that means more than 2/3 of the countries on earth are going to have official delegations here today. this includes 6 sovereigns, i think 31 heads of state, three crowned princes and 11 heads of government. the united states delegation led by vice president joseph biden has gotten here this morning and is already seated. it is a remarkable representation of sort of civic establishment for political leaders of all the leaders on earth which is a reminder, john and zoraida, th
. who would step out on to the vatican balcony and take one of the most powerful positions on the planet. the leader of 1.2 billion catholics? behind the scenes, the 266th pope was praying and getting fitted for his new robes and shoes. in the so-called room of tiers in the vatican. at 8:22 p.m. rome time, the world got the first glimpse of the new pope, jorge mario bergoglio, a 76-year-old arch bishop from buenos air's, the first south american pope. the name he chose also a first, francis, after st. francis of assisi, one of the most admired figures in the history of the roman catholic church. the name symbolizes poverty, humility and simplicity. and in that spirit of humility and simplicity, the world heard pope francis speak. >> translator: i would like to offer you my blessing. but i'd like to ask a favor first. first before the bishop bless the people i would like to pray for the lord so that the prayer of the people blesses also the new pontiff. >> and another first today, a twitter announcement of the new pontiff from the handl handle @pontiffx. in latin, we have pope francis. >>
. >>> and black smoke. the first vote comes and goes without a pope. we're live from vatican city with the reaction. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. i know a lot of you basking in the sunshine today. still holding on to a 79 in walnut creek. we'll talking about 80s and the potential of record heat on wednesday coming up in just a few minutes. >>> take a look. just before noon our time today, we saw black smoke billowing from the chimney of the sistine chapel. >> a signal that after day one of the conclave, no pope has been selected. the doors of the chapel were sealed. it appeared straight out of the pages of a dan brown novel. jay gray is live in vatican city. jay? >> reporter: always good to talk to you and you're right. the first ballot cast today and the cardinals sending their message to the world. they haven't quite settled yet on who will be the next man to lead their faith. with thousands gathered and watching in st. peter's square, black smoke billowed above the sistine chapel. the first papal vote did not pass. >> i ask the god to watch th
at the vatican. to choose a new the other stories, kurdish rebels released eight turkish hostages. does it signal an end to decades of fighting? soldiers at and gunman killed an indian administrator in kashmir. and a close look at faraway galaxies. a new telescope has technology that could tell us more about the big bang. black smoke has been billing from the chimney of the sistine chapel, which means the roman catholic cardinals have yet to decide on a new poll. 115 car models are in their second day of isolation in the papal conclave in the vatican. cardinals. our correspondent barbara joins us from rome. what is going on inside the sistine chapel? ? do not know. even the auxiliaries staff have had to take an oath of secrecy. we know that they have voted. they chose to vote last night. it was inconclusive. they have to vote twice this morning. even though we just saw black smoke after the second vote today, we know that they have to vote twice. they still not decided who the pope is going to be, but i guess they must be getting a clearer idea of which candidates are getting momentum b
through the vatican and start selling off the treasures. he is quite radical in his sense of the way the gospel is a gospel message to the poor and the downtrodden. i think that will be -- social justice and the cause of the poor will certainly be a highlight of his papacy. >> what does this choice tell you about the general direction in which the catholic church is now expected to go under his papacy? >> i think, particularly, the child abuse scandal, but also the vatican scandal, have confronted the cardinal and catholics like myself with the fact that the church, during the 20th century, really became very worriedly -- worldly. that a large number of people who could find them each for themselves where they could really betray the art in the principles of the faith and what christianity very -- christianity at its best -- could really betray the principles of the faith and what christianity at its best stands for. i think the cardinals have decided a manager would be useful, somebody who can come in here and clean shop would be useful, but even more important is somebody who can p
running from their homes to the vatican to witness this history in the making and to hear the words. [speaking italian] >> we have team fox coverage now with word on the new pope. what was it like there, amy? >> shep, where do i even begin? i think i know what it was like and the crowds were very clear with their emotion. i think we all wish we knew what it was like for the new pope what he was feeling at the moment. but, shep, it really was incredible to see hoards of people waiting for hours in the cold and the rain with no guarantee whatsoever that there would be white smoke this evening. it was beautiful to watch the feeling of relief people felt that having a pope again. and it was really rather unexpected to hear this simple greeting in italian uttered from the mouth of the new pope. italians have been buzzing about this evening. they love the familiarity about that and, of course, the fact that pope francis asked the people to pray for him and with him. they were moved clearly by other little gestures like him putting on his stole by himself and at one point grabbing the micr
of that, just the holy spirit. that's my prayer. >> meanwhile vatican officials say pope emeritus is doing well and watching the conclave closely. >>> a side war from way out in left field. former nba star dennis rodman has now joined the cardinals in role. why is he there? that's a good question. he says he's in rome to show support for the man he hopes will become the next pope. that story dock up for you about 10 minutes from right now. >>> the minute a new pope is elected, we will break in for a special report. nbc bay area news is tracking everything happening innovate can city all day long. you can also stay up to date online at >>> in other news, this just in, santa clara county district attorney has set an arraignment date for morgan hill teacher accused of spiking children's drinks with a sleeping aid. police say 59-year-old deborah gratz admits she put sominex in several children's sippie cups at the daycare center. the tampered cups were taken away before the kids could drink from them. today police are investigating both statements much deeper. gratz looks after
already bringing his humble ways to the vatican's hallowed halls. >> we toasted him and then he toasted us and he simply said, may god forgive you. >> this morning, complete coverage from rome. ♪ >>> good thursday morning, everybody. what a morning it is. truly a new day for the catholic church, the cardinals chose a pope that signals change at the vatican. >> and the response in st. peter's square and around the world shows that change is very welcome. abc's marci gonzalez joins us from rome where the sell brakes go on. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning rob and diana. an amazing night. pope francis is starting his first full day as the leader of the roman catholic church. >> habemus papam. >> reporter: with those words history was made. pope francis becoming the first pontiff ever from latin america. echoing the roar of the more than 100,000 people in st. peter's square last night, the overwhelming enthusiasm from his home in argentina. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: i always said it would be one of the best popes we ever had and thank god he is from argenti
was elected pope wednesday, choosing the name francis in reference, the vatican said, to st. francis of assisi. he is the first pope to take that name. he is also the first jesuit to become pope and the first pope from south america. francis is known for his advocacy on the part of the poor and for his humility. in argentina, he lived simply in a small apartment, often cooked for himself, and took the bus or subway every day instead of a chauffeured car. he is also a staunch social conservative, who strongly opposes abortion and protested vigorously against his country's legalization of same-sex marriage. this week, francis celebrated mass with the cardinals. earlier, he prayed at rome's basilica of santa maria maggiore, dedicated to the virgin mary. our managing editor kim lawton has this report from rome on the selection of the new pope. >> reporter: there were jubilant shouts in an array of languages as catholics from around the globe gathered in st. peter's square to meet their new pope. many here say electing pope francis has brought catholics together. >> we all operate in different coun
, pope benedict xvi was chosen in one of the quickest vatican conclaves of the past century: but who was cardinal rathsinger, bob mackenzie has moreen with the man who would spend more than a decade as the leader of the catholic church on the day he was chosen. >> reporter: and here he was, the new spiritual leader of 1 billion catholics, a 78-year- old vatican insider joseph rothenger, born in germany. a member of the curia, who run the daily affairs of the church. >> reporter: as the world looked into his eyes and tried to read him, most saw his affirmation as conservative. he most likely won't be a liberalizing leader. today he spoke modestly of his own abilities. >> the cardinals have elected me a symbol, humble worker in the vineyard of the lord. >> reporter: president bush joined other world leaders in welcoming the pope. >> laura and i offer our congratulations to pope benedict xvi. he's a man of great wisdom and knowledge he's a man who serves the lord. and we remember well a sermon at the pope's funeral in rome how his words touched our hearts and the hearts of millions. >>
. we're going to leave with you some live pictures from the vatican as we take a look there and wait fur news out of that smokestack. those smoke signals revealing the result from the news of the cardinals. way too early starts right now. of. >> you're looking at live pictures of the vatican where at any moment, smoke could pour from the chimney above the sistine chapel telling us whether or not a new pope has been elected. good morning. i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." right now a conclave of 115 cardinals is holding today's first vote. after yesterday's opening round of balloting fell short of the two-thirds majority plus one needed to select the new leader of the church. quite parent around 2:41 eastern time, an unbliss takable black cloud billoed from the chapel's roof line. only when the smoke is white and we hear the chorus of bells ring aring across the city will we know a new pontiff has been chosen. chris jansing joins us live from the vatican where anticipation is building >> good morning, bill. a small crowd with umbrellas is outside just below me in st. peter's s
the last pope come on and talk about it. we have a report on the vatican,al be awesome. and the guy who got the 47% tape on romney, he speaks out. >> i really felt like it had to be put out. i felt that i owed it to the people who couldn't afford to be there themselves. >> cenk: we'll talk about his motivations a and then girls gone wild. the show on hbo girls. did they go too far with this sex scene? >> i'm so sorry, i don't know what came over me. >> cenk: some are saying, maybe bordering on rape. this is "the young turks." it is, in fact, go time. >> cenk: all right we obviously have a new pope. we have two popes. throw in a half a pope and you get a nice sitcom on cbs. okay, you got it. during the night against the black sky we did have white smoke. >> i can see smoke. >> it appears gray. >> it looks white being a little lighter than last time. >> it is, indeed lighter than last time. >> it is, indeed, white smoke and it appears we have a new pope at st. peter's square. >> cenk: all right well, he is an interesting record. cardinal jorge mario bergoglio. and we have a lot more on it. >>
the bureaucratic and moral rot that has dome define the vatican in many corners of the world. still unclear just how much will or power pope francis has to take on that difficult task. so my first question, the place i want to start is, when someone runs for president of the united states, i have a good sense of like what that election is going to be about, there's a set of things that they will talk about and there's a set of things they won't talk about and then some surprising things like gaffes or some personal, you know, personal little sins or transgressions that might make their way in. when you come before the cardinal conclave you say brothers in christ, this is why you should elect me pope. what does that election turn on? i literally have no idea. >> well, you know in this case i don't know. there's so much this election could have turned on. one is you have a church that's in desperate need of reform. there were reports there was a $30 million apartment building that was bought that a gay bathhouse was part it. you need somebody to be good administrator but put a different face on th
pontiff from the americas. 115 cardinals went into seclusion at the vatican to pick their next leader. they elected jorge bergoglio of argentina in the fifth round of voting. [ cheers and applause ] the pope appeared before thousands of people waiting for a glimpse of him in st. peter's square. he is a pope of several firsts. the first from outside europe in nearly 1,300 years. the first from the jesuit order of priests and the first named francis. he's 76 years old. [ speaking in latin ] >> i am very happy to see a latin american pope. i think he will do a good job, and he will lead the church maybe into new waters that will be good for the whole people of the world. >> translator: it's an historic moment. i'm so lucky to be here. >> people at a church in the argentine capital buenos aires rejoiced when they heard the news. >> translator: i pray that god will bless the new pope in leading the people. >> translator: it's wonderful to be able to live in an era when there's a pope from argentina. >> president obama hailed the pope's election. he said it speaks to the strength and vitali
america." they'll have the latest from here in vatican city. we're always online at >>> from the plumes of white smoke to the deafening cheers in st. peter's square, a new pope elected. >> brothers and sisters, good cardinal jorge bigolgio. he will be known at pope francis, the first jesuit in pontif history. >> it is thursday at the vatican as we take a live look there. the new pope will meet with his predecessor, pope emeritus, popepossiblyct, possibly within hours. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama date. carolyn is off. >> i am dan ashley. this choice is cause of celebration for many catholics and some continue verse because of his -- and some controversy. leslie brinkley is live in san jose where catholics attended a joyous service in honor of pope francis this evening. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church. the bells were ringing and people were singing here at the san jose church to celebrate the first latin american pope. it is something they have waited 20 centuries for. >> i think that this particular pope w
appearance will be on sunday. we are when the pope -- told this might change on sunday. the vatican expects a lot of people in st. peter's square. it may be on about any on which he made his first appearance yesterday after he was elected. theuesday, it should be official inauguration of the pope. that is usually a mass attended by many world leaders. he receives the ring with which he will seal everything. it is the ring that each pope gets once he is elected. and it gets destroyed after the -- ors demised or he cut he resigns. the vatican is happy to have a new pope and for the holiest week in the catholic faith -- have a new pope before the holiest week in the catholic faith. >> is he the right person for this? there is certainly a lot of hope. there are a lot of people who will tell you that he was elected and it indicates the church is going to seriously tackle all these issues of the sex scandal, but also the very much needed reforms. he is an outsider when it comes to the vatican. the central government of the vatican has always been quite opec. opaque-- he is considered a man of the
at the vatican for us tonight. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. pope francis is telling his fellow argentinas not to attend his inaugural mass next week and instead to use that money to help the poor. a noble gesture on a day when the vatican defended his actions during a painful time in argentina's history. today the vatican struck back at critics who claim the pope's humble demeanor masks an ugly past. strongly denouncing claims that as leader of argentina's jesuits he didn't do enough to protect two priests, kidnapped and tortured during argentina's military dictatorship in 1976. >> there has never been an accusation concrete or credible in his regard. >> they reveal left wing elements, anti-clerical elements that are used to attack the church. they must be firmly and clearly denied. >> reporter: one of the priests issued a statement today saying years later he and the pope, then archbishop of buenos aires, celebrated mass publically and embraced one another. he considers the case closed. two days into his papacy, francis still has not reappointed the heads of the curia,
pictures from vatican city. pope francis, the first latin american pope in history is going to give here his first weekly blessing since becoming pope. let's listen. >> translator: brothers and sisters, good morning. after the first meeting last wednesday, i can greet you all again and be happy to be able to do it on a sunday on the lord's day. this is important for us christians to meet on sundays and to greet one another to talk to one another as we are doing in the square, a square which thanks to the media is as large as the world itself. on this fifth sunday of lent, the gospel presents the episode of the women caught in adultery whom jesus saves from being to death and this shows the attitude of jesus. we don't hear any words of censure or condemnation but mercy. i, not even i condemn you. go and sin any more. so, brothers and sisters, the face of god -- >> you are getting such a look at what the pope is seeing. that mass of people in st. peter's square there. of course, this is the angelus prayer. the pope out of his apartment window, basically, blessing the crowds there. i want t
than to say it, an absolutely glorious morning here in vatican city. you can see the pope as you said zig-zagging through the crowd. he is right behind me. the buzz in the crowd is overwhelming. they were areame out in the jeep. the crowd went wild. they were screaming. this is the first time we are seeing hem out here in the square this morning, in this, as you say not the pope mobile, thought we would see him in the pope mobile today. there are hundreds of thousands expected to show up for the up.ugural mass. the city of rome prepared for 1 million people to show up. tey have been pouring into vatican city since before the square.e up. metaln the morning seeing throngs of people pouring into st. peter's security at an all time high. there are metal detectors on every corner of st. peter's square this morning. everyone who wants to be inside the square to see this inaugural mass has to pass through. see the shots of the pope waving. this is a pope, pope francis who is loved by the people less than cy.eek into his papacy. look at the flags, brazil. sia, fellow countrymen from n gentin
back, the new pope says he wants to embrace humanity. we will talk to a vatican observer about what that means. stay with us. >> welcome back. in rome, pope francis i has vowed to embrace the poorest of humanity, that from an inaugural mass. the argentine pulp was a voice for the poor during his homeland's devastating economic crisis in 2001 -- the argentine pope. >> vatican observers now expect him to strive to win over non- catholics to the church's teaching on issues like euthanasia and abortion. >> a sea of well-wishers from all over the world surrounded pope francis as he arrived in st. peter's square. the pontiff spent nearly half an hour touring the square before the official ceremony began, frequently stopping to greet the crowds. at one point, he spotted a disabled man and got down from his jeep to give a blessing. it was a gesture from a man whose short abc is already becoming defined by rare spontaneity. the ceremony began inside st. peter's basilica where the pope prayed at the tomb of saint peter. the head of the orthodox church, patriarch bartholomew, was also there. h
stories this morning. it's the politics of washington but the politics of the vatican have people fascinated. happening right now at the vatican, 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope have just returned to the sistine chapel after their lunch break and we could see white smoke in less than an hour or no smoke at all. dozens of onlookers stood in the rain awaiting the first round this morning and black smoke rose from the sistine chapel. so far we've seen black smoke twice, just before 3:00 p.m. yesterday and just before 7:00 a.m. today. cardinal joseph ratzinger was elected in the fastest conclave. it came in day two of the conclave. back in 2005, black smoke came in at 6:52 and white smoke came in about six hours later at 12:50 p.m. joining me is george. we've had no pope. at what point is the pivot point for the voting that will take place behind the scenes today, the narrowing down, at least, of the candidates? >> they are certainly going to be narrowing down, thomas. that may have in fact began already. the first vote, as you know last night, is full of complementary vote
francisco. the new pope's choice of his name may be a sign of big changes at the vatican. he is very harmful. everybody knows that. he does not like to be full of himself. he has been outspoken opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage. new at eight, - latin american experts are weighing in on the first pope from that part of the world. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, some say the move is sending some key messages on the future of the church. >> i think this is very >> reporter: professor and director harley shaiken of the center for latin american studies at ucberkeley says at first he was surprised to hear the announcement of jorge bergolio of argentina as the next pope, but quickly realized the magnitude of this choice. it is symbolic for south america, bringing the church to an area that has lost many catholics. shaiken also says the fact that bergolio's first language is spanish also important. >> it is great that it connects beyond latin america spain's there are so many that have ties to latin america..and don't forget that here in us, fastest growing section latinos, so this
two or three hours as we celebrate the pope. lye now in saint peters square and the vatican. this is a regular workday in rome and across italy. the crowds came more sparsely in the early morning hours maybe than they anticipated. the papal have gathered to witness history in the installation of the new leader of the catholic church and 1.2 billion followers around the world. in the last few minutes pope francis made his way through the crowds outside getting on and off his jeep greeting those who gathered even kissed a baby or two. here's pictures of that. the pope mobile which we have seen in recent years is nowhere to be found today. this pope is very much a man of the people. a humble man as has been described one who likes to be out and about over the last few days. we are told he has been checking out of his own hotel room and paying for his own breakfasts. i sound like my niece. paying for his own breakfast. it is difficult for security to contain. he walks about seemingly unconcerned about his own security. in vatican city they are very concerned about it. security i
have a decision today? >> if history is any indication that is a long shot. according to the vatican the shortest conclave of the 20th century was three ballots in 1939. we have passed that marker, two votes this morning and one yesterday bringing us to three ballots. the only way to know is by watching the chimney on the chapel, and this is a live look , with white smoke signal as new pope is chosen but we have only seen this. check out the video from this morning, black smoke around 3: 3:40, so no cardinal receives two-thirds majority or 77 of the 115 votes. the longest conclave lasted five days in the 20th century. if this breaks all modern records there are new rules that allow for a simple majority if on pope hasn't been found after 12 or 13 days. of course, tourists and locals have been crowded into st. support's -- st. peter's. >> i am disappointed. i want to see the new pope at the window. >> right now the cardinals have lunch. afternoon voting begins at 8:00 a.m. our time. the next time we could see smoke is around 9:30 a.m. and if no pope is choicen the final opportunity fo
carrying children, cars honking and filling the entire area around vatican city. people were coming out of their homes in rome to run to this place, to witness this moment. >> yes, i was looking out from the hotel where i'm staying and windows are open, people looking out and they want to hear the bells. yeah, this is one of those rare events in human history, the providence of god has given us a new pope and the greeting from the loggia. >> and do we know where pope emeritus is? >> he's out at the castle gandolfo at papal summer residence and he's watching on tv, and cold tthe conclave on television. >> never has the pope witnessed the electing after pope astounding. >> we live in unusual times, but unusual blessings i think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful ma
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